Hydrofracturing or hydrofrac is a process originally used to increase the output of low yielding oil wells. Hydro-frac® technology was developed during the oil crisis in the early 1970s. In the mid 1980s this hydrofracture technology was adapted, in part by Charlie Kyle, to increase the yield of under performing water wells. Low volume in water wells, low pressure in water wells or other problems may require the hydrofrac technique.  Hydrofracture is now a reliable method of rejuvenating under producing water wells. If your water well has low pressure or is not producing the yields it once did, Hydro-frac® may be the solution to increasing your well production may be the solution.

The technique goes by a number of different names including hydrofracturing, hydrofracting, hydrofrac and hydrofracture but Hydro-Frac® is a registered trademark of Kyle Equipment, Inc