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Whether you're planning on installing an irrigation system, or just tired of living with limited water and low pressure, HIGH-YIELD Hydrofracture Services has a well development program to fit your budget and water needs.

HIGH-YIELD has 20 plus years experience to draw on when it comes to solving your tough water problems. Most notably we are known for our ability to work with hard-to-reach wells. Some have been behind porches and swimming pools, while a few have even been inside buildings.

Another original solution we are also known for is our work with iron bacteria, and iron fouled wells. Let us put our experience to work for you.
HIGH-YIELD understands you probably already have a pump or filtration contractor that you’ve been working with and we don’t want to change that relationship. HIGH-YIELD works with your water professional to create a development program suited specifically to your needs.  

Dan Henshaw
Founder, HIGH-YIELD Hydrofracture Services
MA Licensed Well Driller 731
Director, MA Ground Water Association